Bette Riske

Bette, by way of a Sales and Marketing career spanning 25 years, has learnt that clients deserve uncompromising service. The results of this unwavering commitment to client service: Limitless Success and Client Satisfaction.

Bette's extensive industry experience is defined relationships. She has had the opportunity to work with consumers, contractors, designers, and builders. It is the ability to forge positive working relationships with all those who function within the industry of real estate, that has given Bette the edge in marketing homes for clients in a manner that is to their greatest benefit and advantage. Her ability to navigate the field, and negotiate pricing, while maintaining a client-centered focus, has been decisive in allowing Bette to aid clients in finding and purchasing a home.

"When it comes to clients, my motto has always been, "I'M NOT NUMBER ONE…YOU ARE!". I believe that I truly understand the commitment and responsibility involved in helping one buy or sell their home - I ensure that I am available and focused for my clients at all times. I take pride in my ability to negotiate. Closing the deal for a client, knowing that they are satisfied provides me with great satisfaction. My goal is to never settle for satisfying my clients' expectations; I will not rest until their expectations have been exceeded!"

Simone Riske Falco

Simone has been practicing Real Estate since 2006. In this time, she has had the opportunity to work in a multitude of settings, representing an array of real estate environments - from residential sales to community developments, Simone has seemingly seen, and done it all! With respect to Large Strata projects, Simone has been fortunate enough to participate actively in many developments from the ground up. From pre-sale to re-sale, she has been paramount in the successful sale of many properties throughout the Lower Mainland.

Simone has always had a passion for the Real Estate Industry and in the prospect of aiding clients with one of the great decisions they will make: buying a home. Besides her wide-ranging experience, Simone brings with her a Marketing Management and Communication Diploma from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Simone's education and extensive industry-based knowledge provides her, and any client she works with, an edge when it comes time to market, buy  or sell their home.

Born and raised in the Lower Mainland, Simone has had the ability and good fortune of developing an innate understanding and appreciation of the ever-evolving, and always vibrant, Lower Mainland real estate market.  It is the coupling of her love for the City she grew up in, with her passion to provide unmatched client-centered services that make her job as a real estate agent so rewarding.

"My business is to provide results! WIth constant communication throughout the Buying and Selling process, your needs and wants will never be overlooked. I am committed to making your Real Estate experience a great one through the achievement of all of the goals we set forth at the outset of our relationship as Real Estate Agent and Client!"